How do we get started?

We would meet for an initial assessment to get a sense of if and how we might work together. You will most likely have questions for me, and I will be curious about what brings you to therapy at this moment in your life, to hear a bit about your background, and anything else you wish to share. We can then arrange on-going sessions if the 'fit' feels right between us.

How long do the sessions last and how often?

On-going sessions are usually on the same day, at the same time each week. Some degree of flexibility may be possible, for example, term time only (that might suit parents / students), or irregular work patterns. Arrangements like these are discussed on an individual basis.

I currently offer short and medium therapy - up to 12 sessions.


  • Fees range from £25 - £40 depending on individual circumstances and sessions last 50 minutes.
  • The initial consultation is £20.


Transport Info & Maps:
I am located in Sydenham, in between Sydenham and Sydenham Hill station.

Local buses: 122, 176, 197, 202, 356, 363